Garden Design North West

Expeditions to the Himalayas

Rhododendron praestans on mass ,Hoot La furthest North-East Arunachal Pradesh 2014

Since that very time that i laid eyes on my first species rhododendron there has been deep passion to see them in their natural surroundings within the Himalayan regions, so as to help my understanding of what and how is the best way to grow and plant them within my garden designs and landscaping projects.

By visiting these amazing places it has helped with my horticultural education and knowledge of many other genera within these regions.


2011: West Sikkim

2012: South Sikkim & North West Bengal

2013: North & East Sikkim & North West Bengal

2014: Arunachal Pradesh & Nagaland

2015:  North & East Sikkim & North West Bengal

2018: North Vietnam

2022: Vietnam and Thailand